to our cloud based portal to efficiently manage your workforce
our cloud based portal allows easy time capture, approval and processing of time sheets


Our payroll support module, allows for efficient payment of your full time and contractor workforce, through either, your own payroll department or accountant, our payroll service, our through one of our international payment partners

Flexible Staff Management Solution

Speedy allows cloud based staff management on one easy to use portal, whether monitoring utilisation within your organisation or billability with clients, Speedy has the timesheet solution for you.

Cloud based timesheet solution

Easy online staff management.

IR35 compliant

Manage contractors & staff on one platform

Use your own payroll department

RTI compliant

Store contracts on your portal

Your own dedicated dashboards

Your company logo on invoices & payslips

Who we are?

What we do?

Speedy Payrolls was founded in 2015 based on a need for more versatile solution in time tracking and staff management. Based in Glasgow, United Kingdom we are a small team with over 23.000 daily users.

Our solution is perfect for every industry and provides transparent and efficient system which makes supervising permanent and temporary staff easier than ever before.

Our goal is to connect employees, contractors, approvers and payrollers to promote productivity and efficiency, making a happy environment for everyone involved.

Speedy Payrolls is at the forefront of a digital revolution in timesheets with a simple aim - to make capturing all your billable time as easy and simple as possible.

We have specifically designed three timesheet solutions for everyone whether they be an employee, contractor or agency worker which can be used either online or through our Speedy App.

It lets you manage staff simply and effectively with a cloud based, online portal that allows you to seamlessly export your data to your payroll department.

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 Timesheet Solution

Speedy will record and process your staff timesheets and payrolls along with summary reports, whilst taking care of compliance issues on your behalf.

One-Way Timesheets

For quick and simple jobs with invoicing and reporting options.

Two-Way Timesheets

For recording and sharing timesheets between service providers and recipients.

Three-Way Timesheets

For agencies to manage contractors and clients.

One-Way Timesheets

Speedy will record and process your staff timesheets and payrolls along with summary reports, whilst taking care of compliance issues on your behalf.

Quickly record hours

Easily adjust charge rates.

Add new clients from contacts manager 

Record expenses and upload receipts

Add job titles and task descriptions

Easily create invoices from timesheets

Email invoices to clients 

Cloud based timesheet archive.

Two-Way Timesheets

Our two way system provides you with an easy to use client approval process (with an audit trail) allowing for timesheets to be monitored and approved in real time prior to invoicing and payroll

Transparent approval of timesheets either internally or with client

Record expenses

Create invoices from captured time

Clients have access to live data 

Email invoice to client or download invoice in PDF

Secure cloud based archive

Send approved timesheets to payroll department

Freedom to use Speedy or your own internal/external payroller

Receive e-Payslips in your account

Three-Way Timesheets

Our three way timesheet process was designed with agencies in mind but can equally be used to manage sub-contractor payments.    Our process creates a tri-partite relationship to log time, capture expenses, and gain approvals.

Tri-partite contracts

Any approver anywhere!

Set custom cost and billing rates

Timesheets synced between all three parties

Agencies have full access to monitor work on both ends 

Email notifications generated automatically keeping everyone in the loop

Contractors can bill the agency using captured timesheets

Agency can bill the client company using approved timesheets

Timesheets and invoices are archived


Industry timesheets

You can easily set up your own timesheet template specific to your industry and needs.

Expense recording

Record expenses and upload receipts for easy processing.

Clock in/out

Move your old fashioned time clock to your phone for clock in/out at the tap of a button.

GPS tracking

Provide a fully audited timesheet with date and time stamp.

Speedy App is here to make time capture as simple and efficient as possible.


Video Tutorials

If you would like to learn how Speedy Payrolls works, then we have detailed video tutorials available her for you to watch and learn.