Ten Interesting Facts About Apple

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With the launch of the iPhone 7 and many users updating to the latest operating system iOS 10 let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the company behind so many of our favourite devices. 

1.  According to Forbes apple is the world’s second most valuable brand after being overtaken by Google last year. 

2.Despite its high profitability Apple is still only the world’s 8th largest company.

3. Apple now employs 115,000 workers – before the iPhone was released this figure was a mere 14,000.

4.Everything a user says through Siri is sent to apple, analysed and stored for upto two years. 

5. On average a mac user will spend 5 hours troubleshooting over their machine’s lifespan, a PC user will spend 50. 

6.The retina display on the iPad is actually manufactured by Samsung.  This hasn’t stopped the companies intermittently suing each other over design patent infringements. 

7. The iPod was originally pitched by its designer to both Philips and Real Networks  – they said they could not see a future in the product. 

8.The Apple Watch hasn’t really taken off in the same way as apple’s other recent offering, however this is not the first time apple has had a less than successfully product.  Back in 1995 apple tried its hand in the console market with the release of the ‘Pippin’ which retailed for $600. 


9.Smoking near your machine can invalidate your warranty due to apple workers refusing to deal with a product with fears for the dangers of second hand smoke. 

10.  Whilst Bill Gates once invested $150m in Apple to prevent it sliding into bankruptcy the iPhone now generates more money than everything Microsoft offers put together. 

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