10 Interesting Facts about Google

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We all use google.  One of the world’s biggest companies we use it to search, email, browse the internet and even find our way about.  Here are some fun facts about Google we at speedy thought were interesting about a company so omnipresent its name is now a verb. 
  1. Google was original intended to be called “Backrub”.
  2. Originally tried to sell but no one was interested.  In 2002 Yahoo offered to buy the company for $3bn – it is now worth $400bn
  3. The word Google is actually a misspelling of the word ‘googol’.
  4. The homepage isn’t intentionally sparse, the creators just didn’t know how to operate HTML
  5. In 2006 the word ‘Google’ entered the Merriam Webster and Oxford English Dictionary as a verb.
  6. Street view has thus far photographed 28 million miles of photographed roads.
  7. Google employs 200 goats to keep in check the weeds that grow around its headquarters
  8. Since 2010 Google has averaged one company acquisition a week
  9. Larry Page (co founder of Google) has a brother who was a founder of eGroups – a dotcom Yahoo bought for $500m in 2000.
  10. Klingon was added as a language interface option in 2000. 

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