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Today the Institute of Fiscal Studies revealed the extent of the pay gap experienced by women who return to work after having a baby.  Here we identify ten interesting facts that have come to light as a result of the report. 


  1. 2 years after motherhood a women’s payrate can be expected to fall 33% behind that of a male counterpart. 
  2. A lack of flexibility causes many women to go part time where they easily miss out on promotion and hence wage progression. 
  3. Men are 40% more likely to promoted into management roles research by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR found. 
  4. Not about women being paid less for the same job.
  5. On average a women will earn 18% less per hour than a man (whilst an unwelcome statistic it is down from 23% in 2003 and 28% in 1993). 
  6. There is an acknowledgement that more quality part time jobs are needed to bridge the gap
  7. Part time workers can in fact be the most productive yet the reduced working hours becomes a ‘cul-de-sac’ from which women cannot recover. 
  8. The IFS found that in the 20 years following the arrival of their first child women had worked 4 years fewer than men. 
  9. The wage penalty incurred by working mother was shown to be greater in more highly educated women. 
  10. As of 2017 8000 firms with more than 250 staff will be required to reveal the number of men and women in each pay range. 

The Government acknowledges that whilst the gender paygap is the lowest it has ever been there is still much to be done.  It will be interesting to see in years to come what initiatives are put in place to end the imbalance suffered by women who choose to raise a family whilst still committed to remaining in work. 

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