Berlin Wooing IT Firms in light of Brexit

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Berlin senses opportunity in Brexit uncertainty

While contractors may only just be starting to consider the possible benefits and opportunities presented by Brexit other interested parties have shown no such hesitancy in exploiting the situation for their possible gain.  It was reported last week that hundreds of London technology startups have already received invitations from BeBerlin –  a body dedicated to promoting the German capital.   Bearing the signature of Corneila Yzer, Berlin senator for economics, tech and research, the invitations warn IT firms how Brexit “will severely affect your operations”.  Whilst promoting Berlin as Germany’s “digital capital” firms who choose to relocate are being pledged public funds as well as emphasising how Berlin is located “right at the heart of the European Union”. 

A new IT capital?

Taking advantage of economic turbulence is nothing new and with Berlin seeing itself as the heir-apparent to many of the service industries centered in the City of London it is only natural to use this change in the political landscape to their advantage. 

Flight or just a bit of a fright?

It remains to be seen though whether a much cautioned ‘brain-drain’ will come to pass.  Indeed, January 2017 will see the opening of a sprawling 68,000sq-foot estate centre at the Olympic Park designed to accommodate 500 companies big and small with the aim of keeping London the “biggest, boldest and most ambitious” IT innovation centre.  The UK based optimists seem to believe that the technology sector in the country will only go from strength to strength though this is will definitely be an area to keep an eye on in the coming months and years. 

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