Brexit Update

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Brexit Update

It has now been 55 days since the plebiscite to decide the fate of the UK’s membership within the EU.  With a majority of the voting electorate opting to leave and a new Prime Minister promising to uphold the decision a ‘Brexit’ is now all but inevitable.  In the campaign before the vote many doomsday scenarios were thrown around and dark predictions made by politicians and business leaders alike. Now, with almost two months having passed it is perhaps time to assess the situation in the not so immediate aftermath.

Whilst many in the business community were firmly for remaining in the EU, now that they have been presented with a new reality many are taking the opportunity to make the best of a less than ideal situation. Meeting with the Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street the contractors’ body IPSE laid out a six point plan to ensure independent workers can “continue to our economy”.

  • Say no to red tape
  • Yes to simpler tax rules
  • Ensure continued access to the single market
  • Build Infrastructure
  • Champion self-employment as a career choice
  • Respect the views of others

Aside from the final somewhat vague suggestion the general tone of the IPSE CEO Chris Bryce  is one of unlocking potential of self-employed contractors, giving them freedom to run their business with as few barriers as possible.  Looking to the potential positives Brexit could be a fresh start and what with rejecting red tape and burdensome tax regulations the self-employed can be the dynamo that powers the economy into a future outwith the EU. 

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