Benefits for contractors whatever the result?

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The outcome of today’s EU referendum could benefit contractors irrespective of whether Britain votes to leave or remain in the EU.

The firm SJD Accountancy has spoken about a potential boost to contractors. If ‘leave’ prevails the firm believes the uncertainty that persists whilst the government negotiates and figures out new treaties could make hirers favour temporary staff such as contractors over more permanent workers.

However, should ‘remain’ prevail it is believed that projects which have been put on hold in the run-up to the referendum will likely be taken off the shelf and provide a boost to the contractor labour market.

“Contractors [should perhaps] be upbeat whatever the outcome”, one chartered adviser said, referring to the referendum, the result of which should be known come Friday morning.

Simon Curry, SJD’s CEO, believes that a Brexit would likely create a lot of one-off business transformation projects at firms and financial companies that transact business in the EU.

These projects would create opportunities for skilled contractors as would the ‘business-as-usual’ scenario, he says, brought about if the UK votes to retain its EU membership.

Perhaps an overly optimistic view but it means there could be positive aspects whatever the result tomorrow with an end to uncertainty taking contractors out of the limbo many have felt over the fast few months.

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