Five Benefits of Electronic Timesheets

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Electronic timesheets are the future.  More and more businesses are seeking to go paperless, operate online and store information on the cloud.  Speedy Payrolls offers this and much more.  Let us look at the main benefits of switching to electronic timesheets.


  1. Eliminate Paper –  Businesses everywhere are looking to go paperless, reducing costs and their carbon footprint, what better way than to eliminate endless copies of paper timesheets.


  1. Everything stored on the cloud – Cloud storage is big news in the world of business. Save on space, paper and have your files available to access whenever and wherever you need them.


  1. Save Time – Time is money, an old cliché but one that holds true.  Electronic timesheets help employees log time better and more efficiently plus give management easy access to and a greater overview of how time can be more efficiently managed.  On top of this the process of payroll can be reduced from hours to minutes.


  1. Embrace technological advancement – It’s always good to display that your business is looking to the future and abreast of the latest developments in technology.  With businesses reporting tenders increasingly enquiring about e-timesheet capability what better way to showcase this than a fully automated, online staff management solution.


  1. Profitability – Reduced paper costs, easier overview of time for increased productivity, more straightforward client approval all allow for bottom-line savings.

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