Contractors and ‘Brexit’

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Contractors still in favour of remaining in the EU

The UK’s largest body of contractors has said more of its members are in favour of remaining in the European Union than leaving.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) report that 49% of contractors plan to vote for the UK to retain EU membership, with 41% planning to vote for a Brexit.

While this represents greater enthusiasm for remaining within the EU it belies a not inconsiderable swing from when the IPSE surveyed its members last year.  In October of 2015 a clear majority said they would vote to ‘remain’ with only a quarter planning on voting to leave.

It would seem then that contractors are not unlike the rest of the British population, where the ‘remain’ contingent retains a lead, but without convincing levels of support to be assured a victory come June.  Indeed the IPSE’s Chris Bryce cautions that “‘Leave’ have made significant gains since we last surveyed” going on to advise that both campaigns “need to clearly set out what would change for people running their own business in either scenario”.

The association also surveyed contractors on the matter of whether or not a Brexit would be advantageous for their business.  Roughly half the respondents said remaining would be best, with a third opinioning leaving to be most beneficial and 17 percent saying they didn’t know.

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